Embarking on a new "JOURNEY!"

Throughout this year of 2016, I have been blessed with, not only great people, but have been graced with all the South Carolinian "beauty and inspiration" that surrounds me here as well. On November 9, 2016, my creativity was ignited after I designed a luscious and organic masterpiece, which happened to be my very first floral crown made of real flowers. Nonetheless, I was determined to try something new and decided to find a DIY tutorial video to follow.  This blooming piece was made for my good friend, Amanda, who was celebrating her 40th birthday. The look on her face when I gave her the birthday crown was "priceless." It was then (after her reaction) that I knew I had a special talent and thought that this would be a great outlet for me to focus on my passion for style and creativity. As a result, the whole month of November has been dedicated to developing my own little small empire of floral halos and sharing my love for "beauty - grace - inspiration" with the community!

As production develops, I have been pondering about the "aesthetic" theme for Halos By Blythe. It was a few weeks later in November when I met a beautiful and charismatic young lady named Journey. Like her name, she was the perfect person to be a part of my new journey/business endeavor and be the new "face" to showcase my halos.  After meeting a few weeks ago, we instantly realized that we had so many things in common like our zest for life, interactions with various people, culture, and traveling. Call it serendipitous but we became great friends after our first meeting and was thrilled that she agreed to let me photograph her.  She definitely is a natural in front of the camera and we enjoyed our little photo shoot in Market Commons - Myrtle Beach.

A day after my photo shoot with Journey, I had a bright idea to photograph one of my best friends in Myrtle Beach. Madison was recently a bridesmaid for her girlfriend's wedding over the summer. Consequently, she had her pink blush bridesmaid dress hanging in her car for the past few months. Hence, it was inevitable for her to model my "whimsical and bridal" floral halo collection wearing her bridesmaid dress. Madison was a trooper and stunned me with her ability to feel comfortable in front of a camera. She required minimal direction and was a natural beauty during the shoot. I'm grateful to have a wonderful friend like her who continues to support me throughout my new business venture.

As we approach the holidays, I am very fortunate to be surrounded and supported by my family and friends. Although the journey continues, I would like to personally thank each and everyone who continues to inspire me every day. Thank you and continue to check into my blog to see what happens next!


XoXo, Blythe