"Little girls with dreams become women with vision!"

Tell me if I'm wrong, but weren't we all once little girls dreaming of how life would be when we became older, wiser, and grown into beautiful ladies.  I always thought I would follow the rites of passage in life - school, college, career, marriage, kids, house, etc. Life has definitely evolved since then with social media, dating apps, technology, plenty of options/choices, career development/achievement, and fulfilling personal goals in life. The list goes on and on. Oh gosh, how life has gotten more complicated! However, as I turned 39 years old this year, I learned to embrace all of life's obstacles, failures, and triumphs. And after moving to the good ol' South last year, I have been more appreciative towards simplicity, genuine relationships (family and friends), and maintaining balance in life. Some people may disagree with me because they may live a different lifestyle than I do. One thing that is a constant mantra in my mind is to live a life for what is here and now (present). We all get caught up in what has happened in the past and apprehensive to see what our future will hold. Just typing those words of the "past and the future" give me a sense of stress and tension in my chest. Breathe, Blythe, Breathe! Although my life hasn't panned out the way I originally wanted it to happen, I am so grateful for all the lessons I've learned along the way. I wouldn't CHANGE a thing in my life.  I've been blessed with new opportunities and inspiration, which one of them is this newest business venture - Halos by Blythe. With that said, I am able to see life now with "Beauty, Grace, and Inspiration." I am counting my blessings day by day and continue to thank God for never giving up on me!

Speaking of little girls, I spent this glorious Sunday today with Paisley and her father, Justin. What a "darling" family! She was an absolute princess and precious angel modeling my flower crowns (or otherwise what she calls them, tiaras) from Halos by Blythe! Paisley was a pleasure to photograph on this unseasonably warm December Sunday afternoon in Myrtle Beach! She surely was a natural in front of the camera with some minimal direction from her dad. As part of the photo shoot, I purchased this beautiful champagne ballerina style dress with tulle overlay and an attached small gold ribbon bow (For details, please visit www.target.com). Special thanks to Justin Sees for allowing her to partake in the photo shoot! It was a pure joy to photograph her.